About Me

I´ve always been crazy about nature since I was a child. I graduated as a florist when I was 20. In 2021 I got burnt out due to a pile of different things: Unprocessed traumas (PTSD), anxiety disorder, depression, undiagnosed ADHD and living with unhealthy patterns learned from my upbringing.

In that burn out I started to focus on houseplants and especially the special (rare) species. I finally had that feeling again that I had a purpose. Soon this hobby got bigger and bigger. In the end, with a lot of therapy and healing in combination with the plants, I am doing a lot better and I am finally starting to feel like myself. Partly because I've finally made the move to start my own business that I've been dreaming of for a long time. I hope that I can be a source of inspiration for others, and that despite carrying a heavy backpack you can always follow your dreams, in your own beautiful way. 

Kelsplants plantshop owner Kelly Lemmens

What I stand for in a few words: connection, sustainability, imperfection and mental health awareness. 

My Concept

Here at Kelsplants.nl you will find special house plants, plant care products and vintage accessoires!

I will offer an assortment with different Aroids, with a focus on Philodendrons. Philodendrons have always been my favorite species. In addition, I make sure that I offer cuttings so that you do not have to buy a large plant right away. The plant you see in the picture is the plant you will get. Cared for with love.

I will also present plant care products that I am satisfied with from my own experience. 

From the point of view of sustainability I will offer 2nd hand pottery, vases and decoration that I select from my own taste. 


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We plant people love our planet and want to take care of it. I also want to contribute to this by offering second-hand products and recycling shipping materials. This also means that my shipments do not always look perfect or the same. For me, sustainability is more important than perfection for the eye. I hope for you aswell.


Curious about me and my plants?
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